Sandra Cerqueira

Sandra Cerqueira

Sandra Cerqueira is Co-CEO at Transportes Urbanos de Braga, E.M, since November 2017 and between for 3 years she was a non-executive board member at BRAVAL, a multi-municipal waste recovery and treatment company. With a degree in International Relations from the University of Minho, she completed her studies at the University of Central Arkansas, in the U.S.A. She holds an MBA from Porto Business School and has a postgraduate degree in Health Care Management from the University of Minho. Throughout her continuous professional development, she has completed executive education programmes in leadership from INSEAD and in Sustainability from Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão. Additionally, she also holds High Level Studies in Transports from the Instituto Superior de Gestão - Business & Economics School. In 2017, she joined ALERT Life Sciences Computing, a multinational company dedicated to the development of clinical software solutions, where she was responsible for the company’s competitive dialogues and international tenders as well as supporting the establishment of licensing partnerships within the company’s Channel Partners Program. She also held positions at Portuguese Trade and Business Associations as AICEP - Portuguese Investment and Foreign Trade Agency and AEP - Portuguese Business Association.

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